Welcome to the website for the RE Lee classmates of '62. If you are a classmate, please visit the roster page and review your information and update as needed. Please take some time and review the names and information for friends of long ago and recall some wonderful memories. You may want to contact someone and renew a friendship.

50th Reunion Celebration, April 20 & 21, 2012

Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston hosted the RELee Class of '62 for our joyous 50th reunion celebration. Comments included "It was a magical event", "Everything was perfect and we had SO MUCH FUN", and the best comment of all -- "This was an event where you could not lie about your age."

Photos were taken by numerous classmates and here are links to some of these photos.

Click here to view photos taken by Duke and Fay Waldrop

Click here to view photos taken by Cher and John Floyd

Click here to view photos taken by Dianne (McIntyre) and John Baker

Gander Gatherings in Austin and Baytown 2012

Recent Gander Gatherings hosted 10 classmates in Austin and 63 classmates attended in Baytown. We all enjoyed visiting in a small group setting. To view the photos for Baytown, click on the link below.

Click here to view photos taken by Mike Waldie at our Baytown gathering.

Gander Gatherings in Austin (June 22) and Baytown (June 23)

Impromptu gatherings recently drew ten classmates in Austin and thirty-eight in Baytown. Below is a list of those attending.


  • David Smith
  • Doug Beal
  • Jimmy and Martha Dunks
  • Carolyn (Leggett) and Robert Roe
  • Fay (Nelson) and Duke Waldrop

    Click here to view photos from the Austin gathering.


    • Bill Blevins and Linda Hanson Blevins
    • Duke Waldrop and Fay Nelson Waldrop
    • Don Higgs and Bette Whitten Higgs
    • Jackie Stevens Eaton
    • Robert Larsen and Betty Foreman Larsen
    • Sharon Hooker Naiser and Ronnie
    • Jo Ann Grant Killingsworth
    • Jean Laughlin McLeod
    • Mike Waldie
    • Clyde Sloan
    • Helmer Sjolander
    • Ronnie Darsee and Becky
    • Elo Veselka and Linda
    • Janet Bryant Connaly and Pat
    • John Nugent and Madeline
    • James Sterling and Linda
    • James Spuhler
    • John May
    • Mike Harvey
    • Vince Voytek and Janet
    • Shirley Bobbitt
    • Ray Cook and Carolyn
    • Jill Clayton Grail
    • Sharon Lee Bobbitt
    • Gary Jackson and Linda

    Click here to view pictures from the Baytown Gathering.

    July 22, 2009 Gathering of classmates in Austin,TX
    Click here to see photos
    from the Austin mini-gathering of the RELee Class of '62 held on July 22, 2009 at the home of Jimmy and Martha Dunks!! Thanks Jimmy and Martha for your hospitality. Hope these photos bring back some fond memories of our great time at the Dunk's home. What fun! God Bless the great Class of '62.........and our Nation.

    45th REUNION for REL CLASS OF '62 Sept. 14 - 15, 2007 in Baytown

    Photos of Reunion

    More Photos of Reunion

    It was a perfect "Gander Gathering Weekend" in Baytown for 174 classmates and guests. We will have photos posted on this website soon to show all of the great fun had by all. If you attended and have photos to share, please email along with names of those in each photo. Mark your calender for our "50th Reunion" in 2012. And because most of us do not want to wait that long, periodical mini-gatherings are being planned for some areas -- including Baytown, Austin, and San Antonio. Stay tuned.


    Dateline Austin, Texas, 3/6/2005 and 7/22/2007

    Thanks to Super Dave Smith for hosting this first Austin Gander Gathering in 2005 and a second "event" in July, 2007. Also thanks for designing and donating two attractive “Fighting Gander” banners to our class.

    As Doug Beal said, we have Ganders in Austin! The photos tell the story.


    Welcome to the web site for the great RELee Class of 1962. This has been a dream of many classmates that has finally become a "work in progress". We are updating each section of the site regularly. None of the pages are complete at this point, including the class roster page. Please log in with your information by clicking on the Update Information link and telling us about yourself. We are interested in your suggestions regarding information you would like to see. Don't be shy, tell us what you want to see on the site.

    Additionally, we would like to have newsworthy info on classmates to share with other classmates. Don't be shy, brag on yourself, retirement, children's accomplishments, grand kids, special occasions, looking for another classmate, or anything that would be of interest to our class.

    We are appreciative to Stacey Harris, daughter of Duke and Fay Waldrop for the work she has done to provide this foundation.

    The most important thing now is to spread the word to all our classmates that we have a site and to log on and share information. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have 100% participation, or at least be able to find all our classmates? GO GANDERS!!

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